Second is alarm call that is also known as warning call. Most animals call in order to communicate with individuals of their own species, including to attract the opposite sex and to alert others of the threat of possible predators. They have various ways of communicating with one another. Many animals have alarm calls, sharp staccato barks, whistles, etc. which they utter when suspicious and continue to repeat until reassured. So, Always gives full attention to hear the voices of animals. So, these types of alarm and scare calls of animals like deer, antelope, monkey or even peacock provide hints to the pinpoint location of any predators! Because lying, resting or sleeping predators on the ground floor is totally camouflage. So, it is very hard to see them. But often it is hard to hear the alarm calls while a vehicle is moving, particular canter due to its noise. That’s why; we go slow and pause for a short while, so the forest becomes clam and we are able to hear the calls if it is coming from the far distance.